4 November 2016

Life got crazy in a year....

Wow... it's been nearly a year since I last posted! I have let time run away with itself for numerous reasons but they are simply excuses and since blogging was a hobby I absolutely loved I'm going to make the effort to start again. I love to write, especially about things that I am passionate about. So much has changed in a year...

Firstly I am now a mother of a 2 going on 25 year old AND a 15 week old little boy! The terrible two's are in full swing and it is a pure delight!!! Not. I am, however, loving how I can now have gorgeous little conversations with my funny little lady. How daddy is always the "naughty" one and that we are creating our own little girl gang. Olivia is obsessed with her new brother, she introduces him as "my baby Hartur" (he is called Arthur not Hartur haha, nor is he her baby... but hey ho!) and wants to "hold it" (him, not "it") at every opportunity. Our little boy is the sweetest soul I've ever encountered. I know you're all going to hate me when I say this but... he has slept through since 5 weeks old, he has reflux but it doesn't bother him half as much as it did his older sister and he only cries when he is hungry. Dream. Baby.

My hair and make up business has taken a back seat for the time being but I am enjoying testing on evenings and weekends with amazing creative photographers. Weddings and bridal parties are something that fits perfect around family life since I can pre book months in advance and organise childcare accordingly.

My Arbonne business is booming and I am now in District Manager qualification, which is crazy since I now have more on my plate than ever before. It fits in well with all aspects of my life; I love how I can squeeze it around being a mummy and I can advise my hair and make up customers on amazing, ultra premium products which they can buy direct from my own online beauty store. I grab a few minutes every day to connect with friends old and new, ex work colleagues, family members etc and I love how sociable of a business this can be. Being a mummy can be quite lonely at times and Arbonne puts me in social situations with wonderful, positive, inspiring people and I love it.

My point being, ladies, is that we can have it all; independence, a career, a family. We can achieve a work life balance, if we are open to opportunity and we don't ever give up. Network marketing is a thing of the future. We do it every day of our lives. We already recommend products to our friends and loved ones, why not recommend products that are heavily researched, with proven clinical results AND get paid for it? Network marketing has already made more millionaires than any other type of business, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

That is why I chose to add a network marketing string to my bow. I chose Arbonne because it is a company with longevity, having been around for 35 years. The ethics, charitable work, clinical results, swiss heritage and values of the company all counted towards me saying yes to an opportunity that was too good to refuse.

Mummy duties are calling (I can hear tiny footsteps and a bossy little voice coming down the hallway). Thanks for continuing to follow my blog and all of the support you've given me despite me falling off the radar for what seems like an eternity.

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Laura xoxo

15 December 2015

2016 TREND PREDICTION - Kylie Jenner... again!

Love her or loathe her, Kylie Jenner became the celebrity that young and impressionable girls wanted to be in 2015. Her secret love of lip fillers started a crazy trend that found women sticking their lips in a bottle in order to get that bee stung look a la Ms. Jenner.


27 October 2015

Lash Loving

We can say so much with our eyes even without so much as a single word leaving our lips and so they are my favourite feature to enhance.

20 September 2015

My first bridal expo - The World Bridal Event!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of holding an exhibition on behalf of my two businesses Laura Wheater Make Up and my Arbonne business. My upline, Scott Campbell, came with me and we met the most beautiful brides to be! There is nothing more exciting than being a part of someones wedding day. 

18 September 2015

A beautiful perspective & a positive outlook, always

When you start a career in the make up and hair industry you don't ever expect to come across someone with a story that will really move you. You think you're going into an industry with more than it's fair share of prima donna's and you expect it to be quite fickle. I haven't been working in the industry as long as most, but I have to say, I really have come across some interesting and inspirational people from all walks of life. 

10 September 2015

Must have hair tips for the busy woman

Tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fashionable, glamorous and best of all, with as little effort as possible.

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