15 December 2015

2016 TREND PREDICTION - Kylie Jenner... again!

Love her or loathe her, Kylie Jenner became the celebrity that young and impressionable girls wanted to be in 2015. Her secret love of lip fillers started a crazy trend that found women sticking their lips in a bottle in order to get that bee stung look a la Ms. Jenner.


27 October 2015

Lash Loving

We can say so much with our eyes even without so much as a single word leaving our lips and so they are my favourite feature to enhance.

20 September 2015

My first bridal expo - The World Bridal Event!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of holding an exhibition on behalf of my two businesses Laura Wheater Make Up and my Arbonne business. My upline, Scott Campbell, came with me and we met the most beautiful brides to be! There is nothing more exciting than being a part of someones wedding day. 

18 September 2015

A beautiful perspective & a positive outlook, always

When you start a career in the make up and hair industry you don't ever expect to come across someone with a story that will really move you. You think you're going into an industry with more than it's fair share of prima donna's and you expect it to be quite fickle. I haven't been working in the industry as long as most, but I have to say, I really have come across some interesting and inspirational people from all walks of life. 

10 September 2015

Must have hair tips for the busy woman

Tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fashionable, glamorous and best of all, with as little effort as possible.


9 September 2015

Easy DIY boho chic hair tutorial

Today I was cleaning up my website (www.laurawheater.com) adding images, editing pages etc when I found an old blog post I had wrote and I have to say it's one of my favourite hair styles and is so easy to recreate that I wanted to add it to The Health and Beauty Bible; especially since mummyhood has been taking over lately and I've had less time to blog. Anyone else's child/children at that stage where they appear to have FOMO, sleep for 40 minutes MAX, and don't stop moving the entire duration of their wakefulness? Where do they get their energy?!


19 August 2015

MUA Tips: staying relevant with private make up lessons

Feeling kinda wild, feeling kinda crazy! No, I haven't lost my marbles and gone all wild with my eyeshadows. Today, I was a student again. Today, I was learning something different. Today, I was about to master asian style bridal make up. Bold, strong and totally beautiful!


10 August 2015

Mummy Fitness: two crucial ingredients - Kayla Itsines & Richard Branson

My first crucial ingredient, family or a good trusted and highly regarded gym creche. If it wasn't for the creche at my Virgin Active Gym I would struggle to find the time to exercise since I don't have family around to help with my little lady (she sat on my knee whilst I was having dental work not long ago - disaster!). When my husband comes home from work I want to do things as a family. I don't want to be ships passing in the night. So we walk our dogs and sit down for a family meal. We get our baby to bed and then it's "our time" which generally includes watching trash tv and relaxing; ahhh quality time! 


9 August 2015

RIP Acne : A life changing regime for acne sufferers

For the first time since I was pregnant I was able to let my skin be the focus when I wore my make up yesterday. The first few months of pregnancy didn't help my skin but by the last couple of months I felt like I was actually "glowing". What I would give to have that skin all of the time. It's been ten years that my skins "normal" was basically a play ground for spots. Until now...


6 August 2015

Yoga - our 6 month love affair

I am a yoga convert, lover and now addict. I started yoga consistently back in February, I've always had pretty poor flexibility and I liked the idea of exercising without getting sweaty. Well, my yoga teacher, Tamara, makes damn sure that view of yoga went well out of the window. Week in, week out, she puts me through the most intense workout I have ever experienced. I sweat, I shake, I grumble, and, at times, I verge on crying. Then I finish our session with such a huge sense of accomplishment that reminds me  exactly why I keep coming back for more. 

5 August 2015

Competition Time! Miss it, Miss out!

Hurry! There are only 9 days left to win the chance to totally revamp your make up bag with £250's  worth of pure, safe, vegan, botanically based Arbonne products. Just because they are healthy does not mean that these products scrimp on quality, they are some of the most highly pigmented, luxurious, ultra premium cosmetics and beauty products I have ever had my hands on!

Enter the competition now with LOOK Magazine - link here.


4 August 2015

Brains in my lipstick, whale poo in my perfume?!

image from littleglassbottle.com
Most of my friends and family are huge animal lovers, in fact a lot of us openly admit we are suspicious of people who don't like dogs. So, how would you feel if I told you a lot of your cosmetics and beauty products are made up of animal body parts? 

1 August 2015

Lipstick 101 - which shades are right for you?

There are so many shades out there, all divided into three categories, warm, cool, neutral but which one is going to suit me?! It can be mind boggling for a make up artist never mind a normal make up loving girl on the street. Here I am going to try and help you choose a shade that will make your eye colour pop, warm your skin tone, brighten your teeth, and be the perfect partner to your hair shade.

Now, isn't that a beautiful rainbow? Well the above picture isn't just there to brighten up this blog post. We're going to have a mini lesson in colour theory, something all trained make up artists spend hours studying for various reasons: covering bruises, covering tattoos, looking at complimentary colours based on an individual, etc. The final one of which, is exactly what we're going to look at in this blogpost. 

Plumped up lips, good enough to kiss!

I had a delivery from my favourite company, Arbonne, last week of all of my favourite cosmetics to add to my professional make up kit. There was one product I had never tried before and I prefer not to use products on my clients that I have not tried and tested myself. I want to be sure that I have hold of what I believe to be the best in the market. Aside from that, the colours were just too tempting and I'm like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to beautiful lipsticks. I decided it would probably be really helpful to my blog readers and Instagram followers for me to swatch the colours anyway, and so that's exactly what I did. 


30 July 2015

Dream big, dream with Arbonne

Me, this evening - all make up by Arbonne

This evening I went to an Arbonne presentation hosted by the highest earning male Arbonne consultant in the UK, Iain Pritchard, and what an evening it was. I have come away feeling so inspired and really enjoyed listening to him and his advice. Here I aim to retell his story, discuss points he raised, and tell you why I think Arbonne is fantastic. 

The battle of the best pro make up storage

One is deemed the best product on the market used by make up professional's all over the world, one is unbranded and less than half the price. Has the Zuca Pro met it's match? Let the battle commence.

26 July 2015

Fashionistas! Stay on top of your game with Bloglovin.com

Bloglovin.com is HUGE in the US and it is about to take the UK by storm. It is a place where you can find blogs on your favourite subjects. Keep ahead of the "It" crowd, keep your finger on the fashion pulse, stay hot on the heels of Alexa Chung's latest outfit and make sure your fashion and beauty style is always on point. 

All you have to do is register to Bloglovin, download the app to your iPhone or Android and find your favourite bloggers. Once you've done this you'll get a feed of all of your chosen bloggers latest posts in one place. The easiest way to stay ahead of the game, all day, every day. I promise you, Bloglovin's going to be your best friend and favourite fashion accessory.

You can follow my blog on Bloglovin and register here.

Go! Go! Go! My fashionista's!! 

Laura xoxo

The Crème De La Crème Of My Make Up World

Image from Instagram User @pastelbooty


24 July 2015

DIY - The BEST pore cleansing, acne busting, skin brightening face mask... EVER

Tryna look cute with a porridge face. Not easy.

Basically, I'm pretty much feeling like a medical marvel right now....

People who know me will know I've been struggling with my skin recently. When I was pregnant it was, for the first time in YEARS, smooth and glowing with only the odd pimple. Right now, I am in the midst of an invasion. My skin issues are hormonal, I have polycystic type ovaries and therefore I know I'm probably going to be in a lifelong battle with these little (and sometimes effin massive) blighters.

After being ill from taking my daily concoction of tablets I decided enough was enough. I am going the au naturel route.  I started doing some investigating and have therefore spent the last two days rubbing banana peel on my fizzog and using organic apple cider vinegar as a toner. I have to say, although I do stink of vinegar, I have definitely seen an improvement. My acne areas are smoothing out and my skin tone (in my non problematic areas) is becoming very even and clear!


22 July 2015

Health - The NutriBullet & Smoothie Bowls

After blowing up no less than three blenders (I know, I know), I received a NutriBullet from my wonderful in-laws for my birthday the other day! 

The NutriBullet lived in my house for no longer than 30 minutes before I had packed up myself and my daughter and battled Tesco (hate the place, I much prefer to online shop from my sofa, in my pj's these days!) for fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. Can I just add how much I absolutely love that on the front of Tesco's nuts and seeds packaging they tell you what vitamins or minerals they contain. Fantastic! I was going to put this machine to the test and if there was anyone up to that job, given my blending history, it was me. I couldn't wait to get whizzing up some wonderfully healthy, nutritious goodness for my family. 


20 July 2015

Makeup - How and why I became a Makeup Artist

It's very easy to become a make up artist these days. There are self taught makeup artists, YouTube makeup artists, trained makeup artists, specialist makeup artists; and most girls have the tools to get started right away. For that reason, it is a very saturated industry and one you shouldn't enter lightly.

So, how on earth did I end up becoming a makeup artist when all I wanted to do for as long as I remember was work for the NHS?! Well at the age of 25 I had achieved all of my goals; I got my degree and I was working in Project Management in the NHS. Did I feel fulfilled? Not particularly. I had a great job, but it just wasn't exciting.  I felt a bit "blah" but I plodded along...

19 July 2015

Cosmetics - Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I have really been struggling with foundation lately. My skin has been playing up and caking on the Estee Lauder double wear to cover it up certainly hasn't helped my situation. For day time wear double wear just doesn't cut it, it's too severe. It is, after all, a camouflage makeup. Also, I hate the flashback double wear gives in flash photographs (that dreaded "ghost face" all of us double wear users know all to well). I've tried so many other foundations and nothing has the staying power that I need. My skin is quite oily. Makeup just seems to slide off. I've tried Dior Nude, Bare Minerals, GloMinerals, Mac, Giorgio Armani, Revlon, Bourjois... you name it, I've tried it.

Welcome - Hello glam mummy's, makeup lovers & health freaks!

First ever blog post right here, right now people!

This blog is a space to allow me to document and share the knowledge and experience I gain in the beauty and cosmetics industry as I progress through my career as a Makeup Artist and Arbonne Consultant, juggling it alongside being a full time mother. I needed somewhere to store all of the information I learn, rather than store it in my brain (baby brain and lots of information is probably not a great combo!). So I thought I'd put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). 

Please feel free to join me on my ramblings of health, cosmetics, beauty, exercise and motherhood.

Laura xoxo

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