19 July 2015

Cosmetics - Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I have really been struggling with foundation lately. My skin has been playing up and caking on the Estee Lauder double wear to cover it up certainly hasn't helped my situation. For day time wear double wear just doesn't cut it, it's too severe. It is, after all, a camouflage makeup. Also, I hate the flashback double wear gives in flash photographs (that dreaded "ghost face" all of us double wear users know all to well). I've tried so many other foundations and nothing has the staying power that I need. My skin is quite oily. Makeup just seems to slide off. I've tried Dior Nude, Bare Minerals, GloMinerals, Mac, Giorgio Armani, Revlon, Bourjois... you name it, I've tried it.

As you probably already know, I am an Arbonne consultant. However, I cannot sell something I do not believe in for two reasons.

  1. I am a makeup artist - the stuff I use needs to photograph beautifully, last all day and stand up to its toughest competitors.
  2. I have the WORST skin - well maybe not, but in my eyes...  I hate it. and makeup, particularly foundation gives me the boost I need to get on with daily life with confidence. If it doesn't work for me then you're going to be able to tell on my skin. If it does work for me then you can bet it's probably going to be pretty fabulous for you.
I first tried this foundation when my mentor, Scott, lent me his entire makeup kit (how nice is that?!). Being a mother, I have limited time, particularly since my mini monster seems to love a short nap (how I am meant to get anything done in 30 minutes is beyond me!). So, naturally, I tried all of Scott's makeup... at once. This was obviously quite a heavy look, probably more suited to an evening look rather than a day - shame I was only sitting on my sofa eating my body weight in chocolate (it was a bad day, ok!). I was so surprised by how pigmented Arbonne's cosmetic line was, I was expecting it to be a wishy washy array of nothingness like most health conscious cosmetic lines. How wrong I was.

That intro to Arbonne cosmetics had me sold. I looked into the ethics of the company - pure, safe, beneficial. Botanically based products. The perfect blend of science and nature in the safest possible way without compromising the effect of the product. I wanted to become a consultant. Sign me up!

My mentor told me to call my tutor who taught me at the School of Makeup. She is an amazing makeup artist called Sam Collins who has had a really great career any makeup artist would be envious of and she too is loving Arbonne, in particular their foundation. I trust Sam's judgement 100%, she is very honest and straight talking. She wouldn't enter anything half heartedly. I spoke with Sam on the phone and she told me that Arbonne foundation is the best she has ever used, it photographs beautifully and brides, in particular, love it. In fact she is so in love with Arbonne products it has now taken over about 80% of her kit. With Sam's recommendation I knew I had to get my hands on that foundation.

That evening I placed my order. A couple of day's later my foundation arrived. Oh. My. God. This stuff is the holy grail (can I blaspheme and say holy grail in the same few sentences?! I don't care. I just did. I'm so excited).

This foundation has optilight technology which gives a soft focus in photographs. Arbonne's cosmetics line is treatment based and so any of the cosmetics you apply to your face will be working on perfecting your skin while you wear it (how freakin' fabulous is that?!). It has a plant based extract which tightens the skin and the contours of the face which gives an effect similar to that of botox! It lasts all day long yet looks natural and non cakey. What do you look for in a foundation? What is it that is most important to you? Do you think this foundation might tick all of the boxes? Leave a comment below! I'm hoping that with this product being treatment based it might help heal my skin too; although I know nothing topical will stop my flare ups since they are hormone related. 

It truly is beautiful, and needless to say I've retired all other foundations in my kit. It is the only thing I now use. The search for the perfect long wear foundation stops here. I used this foundation in conjunction with Sonia x Fyza's infamous buffing technique - please find a video to this below on the super talented Wayne Goss YouTube channel. Remember to do this you need any loose powder, a pressed powder, a domed makeup brush and a powder puff.

Please also see the beautiful Monique Abel's YouTube review of this foundation. I contacted her recently and she too still expressed her love for this beautiful piece of liquid gold!!

You can buy the foundation here laurawheater.arbonne.com or contact me for information on discounts laura.wheater1@gmail.com

Laura xoxo



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