30 July 2015

Dream big, dream with Arbonne

Me, this evening - all make up by Arbonne

This evening I went to an Arbonne presentation hosted by the highest earning male Arbonne consultant in the UK, Iain Pritchard, and what an evening it was. I have come away feeling so inspired and really enjoyed listening to him and his advice. Here I aim to retell his story, discuss points he raised, and tell you why I think Arbonne is fantastic. 

Iain Pritchard was introduced to Arbonne by a multimillionairess; her husband was a successful singer in the 1980's. He was so confused why such a wealthy, well established woman would be selling lipsticks in her spare time. He thought times must be hard and, feeling sorry for her, he went to the Arbonne evening she hosted with £20 thinking he would buy the cheapest product she had for sale on her dining room table and be done with it. He asked the lady why on earth she was doing this business, her response, "because I'm smart". Iain was intrigued. That evening, that Arbonne meeting, that woman, was going to be his lottery ticket.

Iain went to his evening with Arbonne and it was there he heard about the company and what it stood for. Arbonne was developed with Swiss heritage and this is something which they are fiercely proud of, and rightly so, Switzerland is renowned for having the toughest guidelines and regulations and therefore they produce some of the best products in the world. While at the event, Iain also heard the story of Petter Mørck, the founder of Arbonne, a man with a vision way before his time. A vision to provide people with the best paraben free, gluten free, botanically based products in the world with no nasty chemicals. As Iain stated in his speech tonight, in the 80's nobody really cared about health, wellbeing, and paraben free products. After all, the 80's was all about plastic fantastic,  the more glitter the more fabulous, the faker the better. Was his vision too soon for this crazy world?  

Petter wanted to provide regular people with extraordinary earning potential. Well, Petter's vision is finally a reality. A reality that Ian and many other Arbonne businesses are living proof of. The Arbonne business model is a simple concept, network marketing. We network market every day of our lives. I network market all over my blog, I network market when I recommend products to my clients, I network market when I tell my friend what I used on my babies nappy rash, I network market when I tell my friend what hair and skin products I use. This causes a ripple effect across thousands of friends telling friends who tell friends and so on. Do we get paid for our product recommendations? Not likely.

The Arbonne business model is simple: it involves consultants recommending safe, ethical, products of the highest quality to friends, families and loved ones, only this time, they get paid for it. Think about it, I don't know why we would recommend anything else to the people we love the most.  Arbonne is not about heavy sales, they let the products do the talking. Arbonne products are so fantastic that many consultants will let you take away samples and they will often give you full sized products to take away and try, because we know you're going to love them! As a consultant you get 35% off these products, so why not take advantage of having your own personal wholesalers on tap and order the best and safest cosmetics, skincare, baby care, body and bath, and nutrition for yourself. Why are we lining the pockets of other companies when their products are underrated, laced with dangerous chemicals and animal by products? Did you know that 80-90% of a products cost comes from the cost of the process of getting the product from manufacturer to the consumer? Did you know that if Arbonne products were to go through that process then very few of us could afford them? As a make up artist, I do use some products that aren't Arbonne but that is certainly a minimum and not because I get Arbonne products discounted but because the products that Arbonne do sell cannot be beaten in quality or price. 

With Arbonne everyone has the potential to be who they want to be, to dream big, to earn that huge paycheque. You can learn more about arbonne here, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "about us" section. If you're interested in trying these extraordinary products or in taking that first step and becoming an Arbonne consultant please contact me on laura.wheater@arbonne.com I can't wait to tell you more about this exciting, ethical business that I have become so passionate about. 

Thank you to Iain for a fantastic evening and sharing your story. You can watch Iain's "Pure Transformation" story here.

Laura xoxo


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