22 July 2015

Health - The NutriBullet & Smoothie Bowls

After blowing up no less than three blenders (I know, I know), I received a NutriBullet from my wonderful in-laws for my birthday the other day! 

The NutriBullet lived in my house for no longer than 30 minutes before I had packed up myself and my daughter and battled Tesco (hate the place, I much prefer to online shop from my sofa, in my pj's these days!) for fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. Can I just add how much I absolutely love that on the front of Tesco's nuts and seeds packaging they tell you what vitamins or minerals they contain. Fantastic! I was going to put this machine to the test and if there was anyone up to that job, given my blending history, it was me. I couldn't wait to get whizzing up some wonderfully healthy, nutritious goodness for my family. 

NutriBullet recommend that you increase your intake of smoothies slowly, starting with one a day at breakfast and then eventually add a second smoothie later in the day. Something I am going to definitely try and do, for me, I think there's nothing better for you than healthy, fresh, raw, organic produce. I love a sweet treat as much as the next person but if you can fill up on your fruit and veg primarily then hopefully that occasional indulgence won't end up being an over indulgence! The NutriBullet also comes with a recipe book, which is handy for some, but i've never been one for instructions or direction in life (too stubborn, sorry about that!).

I decided to get creative and make a smoothie bowl for me and my gal! We chucked in: a handful of spinach, an avocado, a tablespoon of organic peanut butter, half a banana, a few pieces of frozen pineapple, and filled up to the max line with unsweetened almond milk. I was a little nervous about this since you just push down and twist the NutriBullet clockwise and it starts up at a pretty fast speed. To stop blending you turn it anti-clockwise.  There are no variable speed settings; although there are two blade choices and one looks as though it would chop less than the other. My family prefer our smoothies to be super smooth with as little texture as possible. I suppose you could also "zap" it for less time if you prefer a thicker consistency. It came out a lovely green colour... not particularly appetising first thing on a morning. We then whizzed up a blend of hazelnuts and almonds and sprinkled them on our smoothie bowls with a squirt of Biona's organic maple agave syrup; I like the sweeter things in life! I added half a pack of Ella's Kitchen "The Purple One" for Olivia; as she likes the even sweeter things in life! It probably took about ten minutes for me to make this breakfast beauty - not the quickest, but definitely not the slowest breakfast option.

I served up the smoothie to my gorgeous little family, the tiniest member of which, could simply NOT get enough. Now.. lets just hope I don't set the thing on fire! Long live the NutriBullet!

To find out more information and for stockists please visit www.nutribullet.com.

What recipes have you tried in your Nutribullet or blender? Let me know what's worked well for you in the comments section below. 

Laura xoxo


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