30 July 2015

The battle of the best pro make up storage

One is deemed the best product on the market used by make up professional's all over the world, one is unbranded and less than half the price. Has the Zuca Pro met it's match? Let the battle commence.

I have had a Zuca Pro for probably around 17 months now and I have loved it. It's great for travelling all over the world, it's sturdy (which mean's it is heavy), it's not going to fall over, I can even sit on it when my legs tire. On the down side, it is expensive with an RRP of £205. Many professionals love this case (MAC cosmetics have their own branded version) they wouldn't be without it and they certainly wouldn't dream of changing it. Me, however, I'm always on the lookout for the next best thing (salespersons dream!). In addition to that, I'm also a very messy worker... my dad once said in his father of the bride speech, and I quote, "Laura always looked immaculate, pristine, but she left a trail of destruction behind her". So, anything that is going to contain my mess is a bonus! Enter make up case "no name"...

Yesterday, I became the proud owner of a new unbranded make up case sold by Direct Salon Supplies, with... wait for it... DRAWERS! Halle-bloody-lujah! What a dream come true! I was amazed by it's quality and design, especially considering the price comes in at a lot cheaper than the Zuca Pro with an RRP of £89.99 (plus £18 VAT). This case will contain all of my mess, it has a 4 inch deep space at the top and I intend to use that for my hair equipment such as straighteners, hairdryer, curling tongs etc. I am in love with this case, it is fantastic for people on the go, like me. Moving from appointment to appointment.

In summary, I love both cases for different reasons. To travel and for make up jobs that last all day, such as TV work or modelling shoots I prefer the Zuca Pro since I  can lay all of my products out in front of me and they are all contained within individual bags. The individual bags are great because they stop your cosmetics smashing around and getting damaged. However, the Zuca is heavy and I have been at jobs where I have had to lug it up five flights of rickety stairs and, believe me, that wasn't much fun. In my opinion, I cannot knock the Direct Salon Supplies case - it's easy to move around, quick to pack away (since I don't need to unpack anything) and move from job to job, it contains all of my mess and it is bigger than the Zuca Pro providing room for all of my hair supplies. I'll use my Zuca should I ever need to travel, but the unbranded make up trolley wins my heart and my make up!

You can get the full measurements and buy the Direct Salon Supplies case here - do not be put off by its name "Nail Artist Trolley". You can find the Zuca Pro and all of it's details here.

What make up case wins your heart and why? Let me know in the comments section below.

Laura xoxo

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