4 August 2015

Brains in my lipstick, whale poo in my perfume?!

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Most of my friends and family are huge animal lovers, in fact a lot of us openly admit we are suspicious of people who don't like dogs. So, how would you feel if I told you a lot of your cosmetics and beauty products are made up of animal body parts? 

Cow brains, spinal cords, intestines, whale poo - these are all ingredients you might find in the cosmetics sitting on your dressing table. You might be thinking "well I checked the ingredients on the back of my new lipstick and there aren't any "intestines" listed". Well, unfortunately, cosmetic companies hide animal remnants under fancy names. Be in the know, be smart, be accountable, have a look at this animal ingredients list provided by PETA.

image from health.howstuffworks.com

Yes, the above is absolutely sickening, especially considering these companies only use the ingredients because they are the cheaper alternative to botanical, naturally sourced ingredients. Yet what I find even worse still, is that some huge companies are testing on animals. Even those companies that deny testing on animals have been found by PETA to be secretly testing on animals with deadly and poisonous ingredients in China! These companies do things such as apply ingredients to the eyelids of mice to see how long it will take for their skin to erode into nothing. How can we be a country of animal lovers yet condone this kind of behaviour. The EU have banned all animals testing and products in the EU cannot be sold if they test on animals, however, this is still happening in the rest of the world. 

image taken from thebackbencher.co.uk

There are plenty of beauty and cosmetics companies who sell safe vegan, cruelty free, beauty products and do not test on animals, Arbonne is just one of them. Take a look at PETA's website for a full up to date list here.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not turning into an animal rights activist, but I love animals and every little helps. Also, on a personal level, I don't want cow brains on my lips. Hell, I can't even eat a duck!!!!

Laura xoxo

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