16 August 2015

How to apply eye make up like a pro

Natural Eye Make Up

 As a minimum you need three shades to contour and enhance your eye area. The lightest colour, your highlight, should be applied anywhere that you want to bring forward - usually, the brow bone, the eye lid and possibly the tear duct. Your medium shade should be applied to deepen the contour in your crease. Finally, your darkest shade could be applied to you lower and upper lash line and in the outer “C” of your eyes. The best way I find to do this is apply the shadow with a a firm brush to the outer 1/4 of the lower lash line and create a "C" shape from the lower lash and into the crease finishing approximately 1/4 of the way across. Get a clean fluffy buffing brush and blend blend blend. If you want an angled look  wipe excess shadow from the lower lash line and follow the lash line up and out. For an extremely angled look, although you have to make sure you have the right eye shape for this, you could use sticky tape as a guide (just make sure you remove excess sticky by applying the tape to the back of your hand first - the eye area is a delicate area!). This trick can be really helpful in achieving beautiful liner flicks if you struggle with doing them free hand.

Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is quite a dramatic look but it is perfect for evenings and to really up the glamour stakes! Should you want to achieve a smokey eye, you also need three shades but the darkest shade would not just be applied to the lash line and outer “C”, it would be applied all over the mobile lid. Everything else remains the same as the natural eye make up application. This results in you achieving a make up that fades out the closer it gets to your brow bone. You may also want to add eyeliner to the inside of your lower lash line and omit the use of a highlight in the tear duct for a really smokey sexy look!

Arbonne Colour Suggestions

Highlight Mid Tone Dark
Vanilla Petal Java
Snow Smoke Chocolate
Linen Sand Smoke


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