1 August 2015

Lipstick 101 - which shades are right for you?

There are so many shades out there, all divided into three categories, warm, cool, neutral but which one is going to suit me?! It can be mind boggling for a make up artist never mind a normal make up loving girl on the street. Here I am going to try and help you choose a shade that will make your eye colour pop, warm your skin tone, brighten your teeth, and be the perfect partner to your hair shade.

Now, isn't that a beautiful rainbow? Well the above picture isn't just there to brighten up this blog post. We're going to have a mini lesson in colour theory, something all trained make up artists spend hours studying for various reasons: covering bruises, covering tattoos, looking at complimentary colours based on an individual, etc. The final one of which, is exactly what we're going to look at in this blogpost. 

Eye Colour
So, if you want to choose a lipstick that is really going to compliment your eye colour then find your eye colour on the chart above and go directly to the opposite side of the chart - that triangle of colours is your key to eye popping, bright lipped goodness! You can jump once either side of your triangle, but as a rule of thumb NEVER go more than one triangle either side of your "ideal". So for example, a blue eyed lady is going to look absolutely stunning with an orangey - red lip like Arbonne's Poppy. Ladies with green eyes will look beautiful in Arbonne's Guava or Peony and ladies with brown eyes should follow the yellowy green segment of the chart and go for purple toned lipsticks like Arbonne's Rose or Peony.

Skin Tone
We have the eye colour sussed, but what if you're not really big on your eyes and you want to really warm your skin tone?  Unlike our above colour theory, if we have cool toned skin we need to stick to cool toned colours like Arbonne's Magnolia and Rose, warm skin, warm colours like Arbonne's Poppy and Guava. For example tanned girls can always go for lipstick with brown under tones and they will look stunning, try Arbonne's Willow and Flora! Yes, I know brown toned nineties lipstick is huge right now, for everyone, but, if we're being honest, unless you've spent all summer on the white isle sunning your buns it ain't gonna look so chic honey!

How about those teeth, are you proud of those pegs?! Want to show them off? Go for a cool red like Arbonne's Currant or Hibiscus. A cool red means it has a blue undertone and will result in your shiny white's shining brighter than ever! 

Finally, what about hair colour? Dark brown hair can pull off bolder colours since the hair colour frames the face - go for something with a brownish undertone, you can have paler colours with a brown undertone too, just go for something neutral like Arbonne's Aster. Black hair is very striking and so maybe we should play down our lip colour and play up another feature like your eyes, try something girly and pink toned like Arbonne's Magnolia. Blonde's look great in peachy pinks like Arbonne's Guava or dream. Red heads are fortunate enough to already have warmth in their complexion so they can pull off the ever so trendy nudes and pinky browns like Arbonne's Magnolia or Rose. Medium brown ladies are able to go for a pop of colour that is going to be very striking like Arbonne's Poppy or Currant.

Basically, it all depends on what feature you're most proud of and what you want to enhance the most. It is worth saying though, if you want fuller lips you should wear the lightest shade in your suitable category, darker lips will make your lip size look smaller and so only those beautifully blessed with full lips a la Angelina Jolie can really pull off dark colours. You can buy Arbonne's lip plumping, conditioning lipsticks online here. Now go make that eye colour pop, those teeth shine bright, that hair look fabulous, and that skin glow - all with a simple slick of lipstick!

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Laura xoxo


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