19 August 2015

MUA Tips: staying relevant with private make up lessons

Feeling kinda wild, feeling kinda crazy! No, I haven't lost my marbles and gone all wild with my eyeshadows. Today, I was a student again. Today, I was learning something different. Today, I was about to master asian style bridal make up. Bold, strong and totally beautiful!

This post is about keeping up to date with make up styles, learning from each other and growing as an artist. I recently decided that in order to achieve this it would be fun to network and become a student in one to one make up lessons with make up artists that I really admire. 

My first make up class was yesterday at a make up, hair and beauty studio who I have been following on Instagram for a few months now. I have been a make up artist for quite a while but I've really been wanting to brush up on my asian bridal skills and when I found out that the fabulous Patrick Baston was now working at The Pout Patrol in Whitefield I simply had to make an enquiry about a private lesson. I love Patrick's make up styles and I was certain he could teach me exactly what I wanted when it came to asian bridal looks. 

I spent four hours with the lovely Patrick and my gorgeous friend Frankie and what a ball we had. Patrick was really friendly and made both Frankie and I feel totally at ease. When other Pout Patrol staff popped in they were equally as gorgeous and approachable. This is such a refreshing change in an industry that can be quite tight knit! I think it is so important to encourage and support one another in order for us to become better artists and that's what I felt with Patrick, he wasn't afraid to show me all of his wonderful tips and tricks (that I am definitely going to be putting into practice over these next few weeks!). I spent 4 hours with him and we covered two make up looks. He completed one half of the face and I did the other. Ordinarily, it wouldn't take that long to complete these looks but we went into plenty of detail to make sure I was absolutely 100% confident in being able to walk away and complete these looks on my clients. I appreciated not feeling rushed or stressed, in fact I felt quite the opposite... I could have stayed for four hours longer!!

After yesterday's experience, I really recommend private make up tutorials, even as a qualified make up artist. In an industry that is so demanding and where trends change so quickly it's important to keep yourself relevant and stay on top of your game. YouTube tutorials are great but there's nothing like one on one time with a teacher who's skills you really admire. I can only hope other make up artists that I book tutorials with will be as lovely as Patrick was!

I am certain I will be going back to The Pout Patrol perhaps for a pamper myself and definitely when I feel like brushing up on a few make up styles. I'd quite like to learn some special effects make up or maybe even halloween make up looks! We'll see... but I'm so glad I found this little gem of a place and their fab employees. If you're in and around Manchester, be sure to pay them a visit!

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous looks we did. Firstly, we did a really dramatic arabic / asian make up style - not something myself or my friend would normally wear but it was so fun to try and now I can't wait to make up a beautiful asian bride! I also learned a million techniques that I can use in more every day make up and other evening styles.

Our last look was modern day bridal look with a neutral smokey eye. I love this, doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous! Even a bride can pull off a subtle ombre lip and it really helps the lips to look lovely and full.

Thank you Patrick for the best make up lesson, The Pout Patrol for your gorgeous staff and studio and my lovely friend Frankie who was the perfect model! So if you're in or around the Manchester area be sure to pay them a visit, I'll definitely be popping in again soon.

Follow Patrick on Instagram here and The Pout Patrol here. You can make bookings with Patrick direct on patrickbastonmakeup@gmail.com or through The Pout Patrol by calling 0161 478 1240 or emailing thepoutpatrol@hotmail.co.uk. 

Laura xoxo


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