9 August 2015

RIP Acne : A life changing regime for acne sufferers

For the first time since I was pregnant I was able to let my skin be the focus when I wore my make up yesterday. The first few months of pregnancy didn't help my skin but by the last couple of months I felt like I was actually "glowing". What I would give to have that skin all of the time. It's been ten years that my skins "normal" was basically a play ground for spots. Until now...

It's taken me a couple of months and some extensive research to figure this regime out but now, I believe, I've got it sussed. Nine days is all it has taken me to completely turn my skin around all without antibiotics and prescription medication. Here is how I did it. 

  1. DO NOT use face wipes to remove make up
  2. Wash face with "Arbonne FC5 normal/oily cleanser" thoroughly removing all traces of make up. I wash my skin twice with this product, the second time I leave on my skin to allow it to soak in - I kind of thought if you leave shampoo/conditioner on for a few minutes instead of washing it straight off maybe a few minutes on the skin for cleanser would also help.
  3. Tone face with "Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar" - to make your toner dilute it to what your face can withstand based on your own knowledge of your sensitivity. My skin can withstand pretty much anything after all the years of tough acne treatments so my ratio was 1:1 and I probably wouldn't advise you use any more than that. I store my treatment in a little travel container and apply with cotton wool. It is VERY important you use raw apple cider vinegar. This is it's purest form. 
  4. If this is on a morning, I then apply "Arbonne Clear Clarifying Lotion" let it soak in and then apply "Arbonne Re9 Intensive Day moisturiser" and my regime finishes here. 
  5. On an evening, I apply "Arbonne Re9 Renewal Serum" - this smells so beautiful and fruity I love it!
  6. I then apply a thick layer of "Acnecide 5%" cream to the effected spotty areas and let it soak in. You can get this over the counter at your local pharmacy.
Acnecide will dry your skin out a lot - it is meant to make your skin shed and so that is why I like to compensate that dry feeling with Arbonne's Re9 intensive moisturiser and on an evening the Re9 Renewal Serum since that is going to help heal imperfections. I have used Acnecide before and have never had any success, I just found the drying painful and uncomfortable with spots in the middle of the dry skin - awful! However, I think that the antiseptic and healing properties of the vinegar in conjunction with the gentle Arbonne cleanser and the moisturising and healing Arbonne Serum together with the Acnecide really works. They all seem to counter balance the skin and get it to a perfect state.

Finally, every other day I dermaroll my own skin. You probably all think I'm totally insane right now but the needles I use are very small (0.5mm) and you can't feel them at all and I honestly believe this has been one of the main reasons my skin has changed so dramatically in such a short space of time. Derma rolling the skin causes your skin to panic and produce more collagen, thus improving the texture and appearance of fine lines and scars. The tiny holes it puts in the skin also helps with the absorption of products. After I have finished derma rolling my skin in an asterix type pattern I apply organic scar serum from Amazon (it has an amazing rating on there which is why I bought it) I then apply my Re9 Intensive Renewal Serum. Please make sure you do not roll over any spotty areas as you will spread the infection and also make sure you clean your derma roller using cleaning alcohol and warm water. Derma rolling is mainly to help treat discolouration, pigmentation, fine lines and scarring. It is not going to heal active acne. 

How to buy:
  • Contact me for info and discounts on the Arbonne products laurawheater.arbonne@gmail.com
  • The Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar from Amazon here
  • Organic Scar Serum also from Amazon here
  • I got my Dermaroller from Dr Roller here 

Unfortunately, I do not feel confident enough to display my before pictures on here but if you want to see before and after comparisons I am happy to send them to you privately. Just drop me an email laurawheater.arbonne@gmail.com.

Good luck on your journey to beautiful skin!

Laura xoxo 



  1. I think not using face wipes is a tip I give to everyone when they ask how to improve their skin - so important!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

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