6 August 2015

Yoga - our 6 month love affair

I am a yoga convert, lover and now addict. I started yoga consistently back in February, I've always had pretty poor flexibility and I liked the idea of exercising without getting sweaty. Well, my yoga teacher, Tamara, makes damn sure that view of yoga went well out of the window. Week in, week out, she puts me through the most intense workout I have ever experienced. I sweat, I shake, I grumble, and, at times, I verge on crying. Then I finish our session with such a huge sense of accomplishment that reminds me  exactly why I keep coming back for more. 

I started yoga because I wanted to get my core strong following me having to have a caesarean with my daughter due to her being breech. I also wanted to get my body strong post pregnancy and for any future pregnancies (should I be lucky enough). I'm proud of my body for all that it has been through, caesarean scar and all, and I want to stay that way so I eat healthy (most of the time) and I exercise whenever I can fit the time in. I also want to be fit and healthy for my daughter. 

Readers of my blog will know that I suffer from polycystic ovaries. Prior to having my daughter I used to have the most horrendous, long, menstrual cycles with 7 days of absolute torture during which time I was a vomiting, dizzy, crying, pain killer taking, temperamental monster. I have never had a period like that since I had my baby and my cycles now shorter and much more regular. I put that down to two things, the only things that have changed in my life, having a baby and yoga. 

The yoga that we do is most similar to that of Ashtanga but not exactly the same, what we do is a little more like an intense strength workout. Every week we do our sun salutations, and then our practice begins. Tamara pushes me (literally) into positions, I love that she stretches my body (and tests my balance when she moves away!!). We do leg stands, arm balances, forward folds, twists, abs, heck Tamara even has us stretching our "yogi toes"! At the end of every hour session it is our time to try headstands or arm balances, usually with some wobbles. Wobbles are good because they are a sign our body is working hard and our muscles are dancing - or so Tamara tells me, "enjoy them"... she says! Yoga is a full body strength workout while twisting and massaging many of our internal organs. I have seen my flexibility and strength improve so much since I started. I used to get so angry when I couldn't do a crow and my constant practice resulted in me having bruises all up the back of my arm. I have also fallen into the television while practicing my headstands - yoga is not for the faint hearted. You can see my super fabulous, bendy teacher here in one of her YouTube videos.

My yoga practice has a long way to go, I still can't do a wheel, my arm strength is poor, but one day I know I will get there, and when I do I will fall in love with yoga all over again. 


Laura xoxo

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