18 September 2015

A beautiful perspective & a positive outlook, always

When you start a career in the make up and hair industry you don't ever expect to come across someone with a story that will really move you. You think you're going into an industry with more than it's fair share of prima donna's and you expect it to be quite fickle. I haven't been working in the industry as long as most, but I have to say, I really have come across some interesting and inspirational people from all walks of life. 

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a really wonderful lady named Ruth. She walked through the door looking extremely beautiful without even a hint of make up, hair slicked back and bundled up in a parka coat. She was a gorgeous brunette with a huge smile, big brown eyes and full lips, she truly was beautiful. At this point, I had no idea of the courageous battle this lady had gone through.

As I was discussing her skin and make up Ruth explained that she had been out of the industry a while as she took a break to have a child, but also, most recently because she was in a terrible car accident where she had broken her back. Ruth told me about the accident as she was concerned about not achieving specific poses and the pressure that might be put on her spine. She then told me that she had been walking only a matter of 11 weeks after previously being told she would never walk again and being wheelchair bound. I was astounded, this woman, who had travelled on a train from London lugging a suitcase that must have weighed 25kg showed no signs of the struggle she had been through - she was fantastic! This shoot was to help reintegrate her back into the modelling industry and boy did she do that! She achieved every pose that was expected of her and the titanium plate in her spine that was inserted through both her stomach and back didn’t hold her back one bit.

We all had a really great day, not only because we had a successful shoot and got some fabulous images, but because Ruth left with confidence that showed from within and I left with a huge sense of positivity and gratefulness. I am thankful I got to meet someone like Ruth, to be able to give her that confidence she needed and because she gave me a great deal of perspective. It might just be make up to you and I but to some people it is the key to the confidence they may have lost. I always say this to my loved ones but meeting Ruth truly made me realise that you never know the pain or the struggles someone is battling on the inside, you don't know the fight they've had to achieve the things most of us might take for granted because fighters, like Ruth, don’t moan. We can all sit and complain about our day, moan about our work, grumble about daily life but in the grand scheme of things we should be thankful for all that we have, what we have achieved and, finally, we should be positive and believe in ourselves, just like Ruth. 

Thank you Ruth!

Laura xoxo


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