10 September 2015

Must have hair tips for the busy woman

Tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fashionable, glamorous and best of all, with as little effort as possible.

For a few years now I have been having my hair balayaged (is that a word?! anyway...). There is minimal upkeep but I feel blonder and brighter despite being a natural brunette. It is the perfect hair colouring technique for busy mum's who lack the time to get their hair done. It is also perfect for ladies who want to grow their hair and want to be blonde but find they suffer with breakages from over bleaching their lovely locks.

In April, when I coloured my hair last, we decided to go for even more balayage and pretty much did a full head. The results were and still are stunning, even 17 weeks later. In fact, the only reason I am booking in to have another colour is because I found a grey hair (wahhh! wahhhhh! wahhhhhhhh!). So this time we will be adding micro lights to disguise those few pesky grey's but allowing for minimal upkeep.

My hairdresser, Nancy at James Roberts Hair and Beauty in Manchester, is a miracle worker. She has styled, cut and coloured my hair now for probably around 4 years and never have I ever loved my hair more. She does my balayage by hand and is so talented - if you're ever in or around Manchester I thoroughly recommend you pay her a visit. Nancy is well renowned for her fabulous balayaging (again... is that a word?!).

My hair has been through the mill and I change my mind with my colour more than the Mancunian weather. Switching from blonde to brunette and back again is not the greatest idea for someone who wants to grow their hair like Rapunzel (i.e. me - blame my mother for chopping it off to the point that my ear lobes were longer than my hair for most of my childhood). At the best of times my hair is not easy to handle. It's the kind of hair that isn't curly or straight, smooth or bouncy... it is, basically, in two words... fluff and frizz.

So a few years ago, prior to a booze fuelled, pre baby, hot and sweaty trip to Marbs my ever fabulous, miracle worker, heaven sent, hairdresser Nancy suggested something known as a Brazilian Blow Dry. This fab treatment lasts a few months and gradually washes out. No nasty chemicals that will dry my hair out. It treats my hair, smooths my cuticles and means I can get out of the shower and actually leave my hair to dry naturally - which is a blessing when your mornings frequently start with a 17 month old little lady hanging off your leg, stealing your make up brushes or an escape mid nappy change which results in poop in the corner of your dressing room :):):).

The Brazilian Blow Dry process is as follows - a hair wash, the treatment is applied (and not washed away), your hair is blow dried and then straightened. The heat from the straighteners seals the treatment into your hair. The difficult part is that you cannot wash your hair for three days, however, the even more difficult part of this process is that you also cannot tie your hair up! Yep, kinda greasy, in your face hair for a few days but, believe me, it is SO worth it!

What I love about this treatment is that it is great for healing my damaged hair and it doesn't remove the natural bounce or shape of your hair. It simply smooths it down.

Happy care free hair days ladies!

Laura xoxo


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