27 October 2015

Lash Loving

We can say so much with our eyes even without so much as a single word leaving our lips and so they are my favourite feature to enhance.

This post is coming from a person who already has long lashes (one of my friends used to call me camel haha) and my daughter is blessed enough to have gained this attribute from her mamaaa! Honestly, I worry that when she is old enough to wear mascara her lashes might swoop over her head! My main concerns are that while my lashes are long I do find that they are lighter on the ends (so look shorter without mascara) and they aren't as full as they used to be.

I have had lash extensions a few times. My first experience with them was for my hen weekend around 4 years ago now (how time flies!) and my eyes were red raw! Having never had them done before I didnt know I was meant to take my contact lenses out and when I said to the technician (mid treatment) my eyes are burning perhaps I should have taken my contact lenses out, she said, "oh yes, you should have". Umm.. thanks for telling me that, lady! To top it off she was attacking my sensitive eyes with huge claw like false finger nails. As soon as I saw the woman I wanted to turn around and run out screaming. She wasn't exactly the epitome of hygiene. The process took around two hours and she told me she was struggling to attach the lashes due to my own eyelashes being very dry and brittle.

Following that horrendous experience, I chose not to have semi permanent lashes for my wedding, and to be honest I do advise bridal make up clients against them as well. Semi permanent lashes can twist and turn and once you start losing a couple they don't look so great. However, for holidays and just a little boost of fullness they are great, and after a long time and finding a great beautician in Bolton (Beauty By Kylie) I decided to give them another go. I loved them! I had no redness and Kylie was very informative about what to do/not do before, during and after the process. The problem, for me, with semi permanent lashes, is the upkeep. I cant commit to keeping them topped up every two to three weeks and so I gave up on the idea of them.

Then I tried Revitalash, which is great but very expensive and you don't see immediate results so you have to be persistent and also religious with applying it daily.

After chatting to my sister following my last semi permanent lash treatment and complaining that I just can't keep up with the top ups she told me about a new innovative treatment called LVL Enhance. I googled, and I fell in love! I tried to find a technician local to me but everyone wanted patch tests done and for one reason or another I could never get myself there. Then a few weeks ago my lovely beautician Kylie told me she was training in this fab treatment! The great thing about Kylie is that she is mobile and so getting a patch test/having the treatment done is easy. I was so excited and told her I immediately wanted to book in.

Anyone who trains with LVL seems to be very insistent on patch testing, they go through the do's and don'ts, you get given a LVL aftercare leaflet and technicians seem very thorough. I like that the process is very slick, eyes are such a delicate feature they need to be handled with care - don't just let any Tom, Dick or Harry near them ladies!!

The treatment itself took around 1 hour, it was very relaxing, there wasn't any burning sensations and Kylie made me feel very at ease. Kylie explained to me that LVL Enhance is different as they don't use rods when perming the lashes they actually use a flat instrument which lifts the lashes up rather than curling them back (which, in some cases, can make them appear shorter). Once the lashes are in place, three solutions are applied: adhesive, perming solution and the dye. Kylie dyed mine blue/black.

I am absolutely in love with this treatment, it lasts for 6 weeks if I want to have it done again, I can, if not, then it's no biggie, I won't look silly during the in between time (no chunks of lashes missing etc). Here is my before/after pic! Please note I always have slight redness due to sun damage as a teenager (tut tut, naughty me!).

Another pic, out and about, 1 day post treament and no mascara!! Amazing!

Thanks Kylie, and thanks LVL!

Laura xoxo


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