14 October 2015

Look of the day - my face, by me, made by Arbonne

As an Arbonne Consultant it is important for me to wear and love the brand I represent. I love make up but I know it's not great to smother your chops in plastics, parabens and chemicals day in day out. Arbonne allows me daily, guilt free glamming! I have now built up my own personal make up kit with some of my favourite items that allow me to wear a face full of my favourite company.

Skin Perfecting Foundation in Honey Beige
Bronzer to contour
Setting Pretty Translucent Powder
Dusty Rose Blusher

Concealer in medium all over
Brow bone and mobile lid: vanilla
Crease: Sand
Outer crease, deep crease and lower lash line: Java
Black liquid liner on upper lashes
Black kohl liner on water line
It's a Long Story Mascara

Tulip liner all over
Calla gloss

Techniques & product info
I applied my foundation in a buffing motion, this is my favourite technique - sometimes I even use a dense blush brush! Just because your brush says "blush brush" on the handle doesn't mean you HAVE to use it for that. Make your brushes work for you, in the way you most prefer. Rules are for fools!

I prefer to apply my Setting Pretty powder by pressing it into my skin with either a dense brush or a sponge and then I lit it sit there until I have completed my eyes. This is a technique I have just started using, similar to that of the "baking" technique you have probably all heard of. It's been common on the drag queen scene for years but it is great for oily skin. It also helps if there is any fall out from dark shadows as you can just dust it away and it won't settle into your make up. The Setting Pretty powder is so great because your make up literally won't budge - even if you try your damndest! Have any of you seen the video I shared on my facebook page where pencil liner is covered in the Setting Pretty translucent powder and the person rubs and rubs and it doesn't move an inch?! Amazing!

Applying concealer all over the eye area gives your eye make up extra staying power, setting it with a eyeshadow like Arbonne's vanilla after will absorb any oil. Great for a sweaty night out or for a bride wanting to take her make up from day to night without a worry.

I love all of these products but my new lip combo is my most favourite new discovery. I don't really like to do anything dramatic on my lips but the tulip liner is the perfect shade, a little darker than your natural shade with just enough colour to waken up your whole face.

Happy face making!

Laura xoxo

PS. sorry for the blog neglect! Life has taken over and gotten a little cray recently!


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