I recently started preparing for the delivery of some Makeup Masterclasses for my clients.  I was in the process of gathering information on face shapes, skin tone, eyebrow stencilling, contouring, strobing (the list goes on!) but how would I disseminate this information? I had the idea of producing a booklet, however, I soon realised that with that comes cost implications, the inability to keep it up to date and the likelihood of it being thrown under a pile of laundry in the spare bedroom that nobody has entered for the last seven years. That's when it occurred to me, maybe I should create a blog for my clients, potential clients etc. I don't use Facebook, I haven't for years. I prefer to keep my private life private. I love Instagram but my posts on there are becoming increasingly extensive since I have so much to say about cosmetics and skincare (whoops-a-daisy! Sorry to my Instagram followers about that!) - my husband's latest line was "ohh Laura moo-ah's at it again" hahaha! 

This blog is a place for me to document tips and tricks of the makeup world, the parenting world and health and wellbeing. My main loves in life - after my baby, pups and hub of course!

I need this space to be a live and interactive place to allow me to grow as a Makeup Artist and to allow my clients somewhere in which they can keep on finding the information they want and need.

I hope it becomes everything you need and everything I need. Enjoy browsing and keep coming back for more. 

Laura xoxo


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